Taking a Motorcycle


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I am planning to purchase a 35 foot or so fifth wheel with 2 slides. I need one with a ramp on the back to load a Gold Wing motorcycle. I want a fifth wheel but need one that sits low enough that the bike won't drag center when loading. I am new to RVing so any suggestions or comments would be appreciated.

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Taking a Motorcycle

I wish Gulf Stream made a fifth wheel toy hauler. I think it is in the future, but right now we just make a trailer. Check out the All American Sport from Forest River. I can't sell you one, but it is a decent trailer. There are more and more manufactures making toy haulers. Dutchman sent me info the other day and they have some. I am sure other people will jump in with names of others.


Taking a Motorcycle

Hi Mr. Lair,
I usually don't reply on here anymore, however in lieu of being critized, I will tell you what I did in this same situation, you will probably notice In the picture I have a 38 ft Forrest river trailer being towed by a 3500 Dodge one ton diesel.
A couple years ago I took my sons 750 Honda to Florida with us to ride,I did not have any ramps to unload it so when I got my trailer all unhooked and set up I went down to Firestone tires and asked the manager If I could unload it using his lift.he agreed and he raised up his ramp to match the bed of my truck bed and turned the ends of the ramp down so it set right on the tail gate and I rolled the 750 out on the ramp and my wife pulled the truck out from under the rack and they let me down on the lift, It worked great and I was on my way.
I know your Gold Wing is bigger but I don't think you would have any problems doing this. Later Jim :8ball:


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Taking a Motorcycle

I have the solution.

I have a GL1800 2001 GoldWing

I have ridden the bike into a Titanium 5th wheel called the 36E41MPRV. It is a high end fifth wheel meaning that it is very liveable inside and has a room 10 feet by 8 feet on the rear with a door that is the ramp. I know it works because in August I rode my GoldWing into the rear of the trailer. There is room !! The MPRV is made by Glendale RV (www.glendalerv.com)

A second choice is the Sunnybrook 39 TITAN 391 SURV. It is very similar, but the layout isn't what I like, but that is a personal decision.

Hope this info helps

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