Tax evasion?

Re: Tax evasion?

I thought this was an RV forum? Shouldn't we each set some limits on what we discuss? There really are lots of places to discuss all kinds of topics.

Why don't we leave some of them on those other forums? Some topics are just too hot for an RV forum.

My opinion, and I don't mean to appear to jump on you JBT.
Re: Tax evasion?

Avoiding sales tax on RV sales is an RV issue isn't it? Heck if we can erupt over carrying weapons why not sales tax evasions????????

I know of a few instances where a certain state has gone after their dealers who have allowed folks to register in states such as Montana and now those dealers are trying to collect from the customers......

Not all is rosy in RV land is it?


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Re: Tax evasion?

I looked into reducing my tax load on my new to me RV. But it came down to yes you could maybe do it and be legal. Mine was LLC in Mont. but the catch was this was now a commercial rate for insurance and I called 4 companies. The insurance was way high, just not worth the effort. I would think that with a holding company this might be the case also. Bottom line there's no free lunch. Several of the states are cracking down on LLC's just for a RV. And the fines are gulp bad. This to me is one of the deals Like, I owe $200000 in income tax but the legal jerk got it down to $10, so who's paying the freight now ME. Just pay your legal fair share and we all except the crooks will have more.


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Re: Tax evasion?

Yes it's possible. Montana is the only place I know you can do that. But as Len posted. Just ain't worth the hassel and possible problems. :(
Re: Tax evasion?

I am with you there. Doing things out of the ordinary always seem to find a way to come up and bite ya. I like to try and do things right...........
RE: Tax evasion?

>>>>1. Would you rather order by phone or pay by check? No problem... just call 1-888-441-5741 and talk to one of our friendly associates.

For those paying by check please contact our associates for the total and send your check to:

Tax Free RV Processing Center
4610 S Ulster St, Ste 150
Mail Box 100
Denver, CO 80237>>>>

I'd don' know-- send your check to Colorado for a Montana LLC?? :question:
RE: Tax evasion?

It looks very fishy to me but thought I would ask.
My plans are to register in Louisiana in order to maintain a residence there.(Will be selling our second home thats in La. Leaving our primary residance to be Mississippi.)
Figured a person could have a second home anywhere and was wondering the legalities of the setup.
So many things to consider when rearranging ones life isn't there.
I would think this to be a RV question to its core so please don't be upset with the newbie.


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Re: Tax evasion?

I dont think so skip sorry. Hey Cajun be wise and go buy your rv from a reputable dealer in LA, there are some good ones. There are a couple on I 12 I dont remember the names that I understand are better than most.