TC Mount Parts


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I recently bought a used 5th wheeler. The previous owner kept the TV but left the mount. I hope to find the parts they kept so I can replace the TV. I've attached a photo of the remaining mount. Any ideas or do I have to buy and install a new mount? Thank you.


C Nash

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Hard to see how heavy the strips are in the picture but looks like all it needs are the screws that go in the TV. there are four bolts/screws that go in the TV and would go in the large hole then slide down. Still I just don't like the looks of that bracket. Remember going down the road there is a lot of bouncing LOL. The way that mount looks the owner may have removed the TV when traveling. Can you get in touch with previous owner? You can shop around and find mounts reasonable. I have a 32 inch mounted flat screen where the old TV was in my MH and I do strap it down when traveling. Never had a problem