Testing 123/23/123


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will take a look at what you have when the time arises,for sure, looking and planning learning is what we are doing now!
as you I too am a Veteran,and have just been declared 100% disabled by the Social Security, and have actually just recieved my 1st payment. This all started over a On Job injury 2/14/11 long story However that compacted my spine which has resulted in lower back lumbar fusion, injections in other areas and now looking at neck surgery and elbow and shoulder surgery, And the VA Hospital in Jackson found, the week before Christmas, that I had a Heart Attack some time in the past year,and that caused a Blockage, soooo they went in and cleared that and placed a stent, Soo a somewhat damaging accident had triggered a chain of events causing major issues, anyway I know you guys don't wanna know all that!
My Main concern is my arm I now have numbness in my left hand, not good for a musician at all, BTW you can hear some of my stuff, just search 601Blues and you will find me, suggest CDBaby.com and BluesBlaster custom Guitars for some of the guitars I made.
But thats what I want too do is to get everything working again and do some traveling, The wife still has to work, so I see I will be on my own for some of the trips,to festivals and shows, would like to catch the Little League world series this Aug. but will see how I mend.