The Easy Simple Swamp Cooler

I've lived in the desert. I know how good of a cooler, evaporation is. That is basically the success of a swamp cooler. Doesn't do any good otherwise. The simplest and easiest way of accomplishing this is to simply get yourself wet. You can have a fan blow on you if you want. You can go get your shirt wet, then put it back on. Get all of you wet in the shower. Anything to get wet and cause evaporation in dry climates works great. An easy way to do this while driving is to have a piece of towel used as a scarf...just keep getting it wet and put it around your neck...could also wear it like a headband. Anything...
If you don't realize what a great cooler evaporation is in a dry climate. When you're in a dry climate and it's over 110 outside. Go swimming. Then get out of the pool. You will feel like you're freezing when it's extremely hot out. It's the evaporation. :approve:

Because this is so easy to accomplish. I wouldn't own a swamp cooler on an RV. AC...definitely.

The Easy Simple Swamp Cooler

I love my swamp cooler on my truck camper. While everyone else is cooking or running a generator I am nice a cool with no loud generator. I wouldn't trade it for an A/C any day.
The Easy Simple Swamp Cooler

Unfortunately, a swamp cooler does no good in humid climates. That's more than half of the country. :disapprove:
I certaily know and understand your love of your swamp cooler. :cool:

The Easy Simple Swamp Cooler

Birddog, you are half right... it does work better than an AC unit when in the arid parts of the world..... BUT .....

Do you know where the "SWAMP COOLER" was invented ???

The Everglades Swamp down in Georgia / Florida... YEP,, it was invented by the people who lived in the swamp.... where the humidity was extreme...

The first swamp cooler was simply pieces of burlap bag that were hung from an open window and kept wet by pouring water on the burlap each time it got dried out by the wind would blow through the window..

Believe it or Not.... :) :) :)

The Easy Simple Swamp Cooler

See what that humidity did to their brains? I grew up in Houston. It's so humid there, when it rains, the humidity drops. :clown: Seriously, it did always feel better in the rain or when swimming. I can't say swimming cooled, but it felt less hot. I haven't bothered to check...if so...I imagine those poor folk who invented it, tried anything to feel less smothered by the heat.
If you've ever used a swam cooler in a humid climate. You have to admit that it's just plain lame. It is declarable as not working at all.