time off



I just was kinda wondering what all u fellow rver's do when u'r not traveling during the winter months (only the half timers) u know when the rv is in storage ;)
I'll kinda start one ..
When my rv is up for the winter i like to go out and sit in the driver's seat and pretend i'm on the way to the beach for a month long vacation ,,
I don't really do that ,, but u kinda get my point as to what u all do in the down time... :) :) :) :approve:
I myself work all winter on these stupid pieces of rolling condos ,, but it's fun ,, and they are not really stupid ,, just very ignorant :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :clown:

C Nash

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Re: time off

Get surround sound and plug in a travel video, crank the engine and let your imagination roll. Might want to jack the back end up so the speedometer will work :laugh:
Camping is great even in the wintertime. Camped in your part of the country last Feb and it was great and half price was offered to teachers. Course me and only one other camper was in the campground.