Tip for the ladies.

Tip for the ladies.

Sounds like way too much heat in the trailer for me. Guess it would be okay in the winter but, in the summer it would only cause the air conditioner to have to work harder. I'll stick to the more temperature friendly cool air method with the fan. :cool:


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Tip for the ladies.

Hey Kirk,
Do us all a real big favor and start reading your posts before you actually post them. Read them as if your on the other end receiving them and then determine if it would upset/hurt your feelings/etc. Might just help stop some of the bad feelings from getting blown out of control. My wife tells me to read mine before I post.....and the only time I get into trouble is when I DON'T. Guess I am just a little too quick drawn at times.
We are headed to Port Isabel for the winter starting in Nov. Got kicked out of Florida (just kidding, they sold the park we normally go too for condos). We are really looking forward to seeing the area.....
Tip for the ladies.

hey snowbird,
i loved your pictures as i have never been to this part of the usa! some people like "KIRK" wake up every day mad at the world. continue with pics when possible and ignore jerks like kirk. dang made a rhyme.
Tip for the ladies.

Hi all. Sorry been busy. Port Isabel would be a great place to go. We'll be heading that way ourselves come winter. Thanks for the kind words on the pics road and happy to see I've been missed, thanks DL and Archer.
Tip for the ladies.

SnowbirdInFlight: We will be joining you in enjoying Texas during Jan, Feb, & March we like Llano Grande at Mercedes this will be our third year there. Started with two weeks the first year liked it after roaming around, then last year went directly there, this year we head straight down. There are lots of things to do, we are not far from South Padre Island or Mexico. It is good to think of that nice warm place when it is in the teens here now. Can't wait till after Christmas, I could leave the next day, but will have to take down decorations. Ready to move on South where it stays warm and the locals are friendly.
Tip for the ladies.

Plant, the rates at Llano Grande at Mercedes are just a little too high for us. I prefer rates that go down according to the months that are stayed. Actually this year we are going to stay a couple of months on the Gulf side of Texas but really are still checking out the options on the different places available. But, maybe we'll cross paths somewhere down there. Safe travels! We'll be leaving around the 18th or so of December.
RE: Tip for the ladies.

Hey Snowbird.
We live in North Texas and love to go to Galveston Island. It's right there on the beach. The state park has nice facilities. It's worth trying. My kids and i love it. I would love to be a full-timer!!! You are lucky!!!