Tire Inflation

[Dador] I&#039m looking for a tip on inflating my Class A motorhome tires. I always check them cold but by the time I reach the air pump they have warmed up and increased PSI. I purchased a 300PSI compressor but it doesn&#039t seem to get the job done.
Tire Inflation

[Butch] Hi,
I used to carry a 120 volt 2 1/2 hp compressor in my class A solely for this purpose. My current MH has onboard shop air. Most 12 volt units just are not capable for the larger tires regardless of what they claim the PSI output is. But to answer your question&#039s, when you check your tire pressure cold and find it is say 5 or 10 PSI low. Drive to the station, check the tire pressure again then ADD the 5 or 10 PSI to the second reading. I do recommend carrying a capable compressor on board. Happy Motoring, Butch - Nancy Lake, Alaska
Tire Inflation

[Scott Milton] Another trick - I slightly over-inflate them, park overnight and bleed the excess off in the morning. PS: I worked as an engineer at Kelly Tires for 20 years. Slightly over inflating them for this purpose will NOT hurt them . Happy Camping, Scott