Tire pressure monitoring


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I'm interested in monitoring my tire pressures from the coach. I see several systems are available and wonder what advice you more experienced owners might be able to provide. The Smar tire requires a wheel mount and doesn't appeal however the stem mounted devices would be good if they work as advertised. Specifics on brands would be very helpful. Thanks /ric


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Tire pressure monitoring

Hello Ricardo,

I do not have any experience with tire pressure monitoring but did find this information: (forget their personal advertising and go for the meat of the info like what brands are being used from vehicle manufacturers and direct vs indirect etc)


I also have some experience with RF transmissions using Wireless Access technologies and Bluetooth technologies. Range is very important for continuos access of the information. I would assume that the distance on a 40 foot motorhome would not exceed even the basic 30foot Bluetooth transmission radius so you should be able to get reliable responses always whichever RF unit you go for. (Monitoring a towed vehicle may provide problems which is why I like the one below, showed they know they needed the transmission capability.)

This one
seemed to offer antenna booster (cables and transmitter added to the 5th wheel monitoring devices etc) made more sense to me tho higher in cost than the others I looked at. It also moinitored tire pressure period (the display) rather than just notifying you when the pressure dropped below a pre-defined pressure.

Not sure any of this helps but you did spark my interest.

Good luck and I would be interested in your final analysis and what you did end up purchasing.



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Tire pressure monitoring

Had the Doran system, sent it back. I have a system called safetire guard. Just installed so no info on funcnality, but it can up and sensors locked to the control unit very nicely. What caught my attention is you do not need to take off the sensor to add air to the tires, the stem is pass through.