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OK Steve, Nash isn't old, he is antique. I am old, I think, but others will agree with me. :laugh: :laugh:
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well thanks for all that it ws fun to read. I had not checked the forum in awhile. Last time I thanked ken. I know I have a really good tire gauge and a very good portable compressor so 65 it is and I will check it when I get to the campground Thursday. My first trip with my my new used tt. Thanks everyone i think I am going to enjoy this rv stuff also being the daring type I got a Facebook account at 62 that was a big deal for me huhhuh Ken D
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Correction: Air is 78% Nitrogen, 21% Oxygen and 1% Argon. I have Nitrogen in my truck tires since I got them 2 years ago and have had them topped off only once, when they dropped to 29 from 34 psi. I also think that the truck drives better, so maybe it's worth it.