Tires and Concrete

I recently had a concrete parking pad poured for my motorhome. One of my camping buddies told me not to park directly on the concrete, but to place plywood down. The concrete seems to react with the tires. Does anyone know anything about this?
Tires and Concrete

I've been parking my vehicles in the driveway or garage (both concrete) for 30 years now. Hasn't hurt the tires that I know of.
Tires and Concrete

Thanks, Larry. It seems like everytime I turn around with the motorhome I get a strange comment like the one I received from my camping buddy. You don't know what's fact or fantasy.
Tires and Concrete

One thing that you should consider is flat spotting. Tires can develop a flat spot from sitting for long periods of time. the only way to avoid it is to jack up the rv and support it on jack stands so that all the weight is off the tires.
Tires and Concrete

Thanks, Larry. I'll look into Jack stands - just plain old jack stands?
My, why do I not see that done? I guess most people aren't as particular as you are.
Tires and Concrete

Depends on how long you're gonna store it. If your motorhome is gonna be in storage for 5 or 6 mos, it's a good idea to take the weight off of the tires. I'd use the heavy duty jack stands. I think they're commonly available in 3 ton and 6 ton models. Most people don't do it, because it's a lot of trouble.