Tires and Rims


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Hello all, I just purchased a 1999 PlayMor travel trailer (not sure of the size, but it's small). There is no title and unable to locate VIN. I need to replace tires and rims and don't know where to begin - any suggestions?

Also for those of you who have purchased a used RV before, without a title, any assistance you can provide as to what the procedures to transfer it in our name would be appreciated and helpful! Thanks


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In that year model the tires/wheels MUST have a load capacity to support the maximum load of the vehicle certified GAWRs. Add 10% or more for load capacity reserves.

If the trailer still has a legible federal certification label (found on the left external section of the trailer forward of the lead axle.) the rule is to use replacement tires with a load capacity equal to or greater than what the Original Tires provided.