Experience is a wonderful thing - and since buying the 1993 39 ft Gulfstream Tourmaster I have been experiencing something I have never had before - a hobby. One thing I know little of is what is the majority experience with tires? I have Michelin 235/80R 22.5's on now and at least one front one needs balancing. Treadwear - must be around 50 %. Thinking of replacing all 6 - but would really like input on what is best - least troubles - in regards to brands. Not really seeking price - I am a sticker on having the best I can get on tires and on this situation I have no working experience. Input and suggestions - experiences all appreaicated. Thanks to all. Hopefully - I can start seeing many of you around beginning next spring and summer. Bill


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Welcome to the forum. I have Michelin and have been very satisfied so far. Not cheap, but I think the best I could use on my Class A. I replaced front two and outer rear right after I bought it (used, 89 Winn Chieftain, 5,800 miles). Not many miles on them, but the tires had some dry cracks so safety is first. Inside rear tires seemed just fine (no cracks) so left them alone. Personnally I think front two tires are the most important....steering. With four in the rear, it is easier to control if you do get a flat/blowout.
Good luck... ;) :cool: :laugh: :)

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Hi Bill, just to add to Archers post 5 to 6 years is about the limit for tires on a MH, regardless of tread wear, if you like Michelin's they are good, Bridgestone also has very good tires in that size range as does Toyo & Yokahomas. Again you really can't go by treadwear on MH tires, check very close at the DOT date stamp and for small cracks starting in the sidewalls near the bead. Good luck. :) :laugh: :cool: :bleh: ;) :approve:

Hey - thank you all for the input. I was not aware of the DOT date stamp on the tires - but will check it out. Ran into one guy that runs trucks and trailers and he swears by the Michelin's for steering tires. He said he has something blown into each front tire that helps the balance problem. I believe, though, that I will just plan on replacing them.

Thank you again - hope to meet up with some of you guys over the next few years. We bought the Tourmaster for the purpose of determing exactly what we like and do not like before buying new. Bleive it will have to ba a cummings powered unit though.

Cheers. Bill