I have two tires I would like to sell. Where would be the best place to advertise them.

They are 235/80 R 22.5's - Michelin XRV's

I bought them new last fall - then had my coach weighed and discovered that they were overloaded - before I put my stuff in the motorhome. I have a grand total of 446 miles on them.

I replaced them with Goodyear G670's 275/70 R 22.5 as they have a 1400 pound advantage for weight capacity.



They were Michelin tires - chassis mfg had this tire and tire preasure stamped on the decal on motorhome.

I checked tire weight capacity for that 235 and weighed the front axle and rear axle - the front weighed 8500 # empty. That exceeds the capacity as the tire as recommended.

I decided I wanted to have some reserve capacity and switched. I could have went up a little preasure - but that would have exceeded the mfg recommendations as spelled out.

This tire would work well on a gas rig or smaller diesel - mine it just too close to their capacity.


Bill , Why did you change tires or has the snow melted so you can get out on the highway yet :laugh: !

Ahh I am just being a smart A-- :clown:

Glad to see you are thinking about turning the Nellie Belle Two on to the open roads.

Poppa- Hello

I bought the 2 michelins brand new last fall as I was worried about their age. Was going to replace the 4 duals this spring.

Then - someone advised me to check out Michelins problems with blowouts on these tires if they are loaded close to limits.

I then weighed my coacn (after digging it out of the snow bank) and discovered that empty my front axle weighs over 8500 lbs.

I checked the factory recommendations on the motorhome and it clearly specifies that brand and type of tire even specifying 95 psi.

Checking the weight capacity of the tire then - I found I was overloaded (and I had not even loaded the rig up or weighed the individual corners).

I decided that the Michelin tire was built for a much lighter coach (gas or something smaller) - went out and had 6 new Goodyears put on it.

I no longer have to worry about weight capacity as the goodyears have over a 1400 pound per tire advantage over the Michelin.

The Michelins have a grand total of 446 miles on them. Good lesson

How is Nellie Belle doing - got her back up and running yet?

My plans for vacation end of this month and possibly June too are up in the air. Dr is taking me in for an angio next week - possibly a bypass then - may screw up my plans for a while. God is with me though.

God Bless

Nellie Belle is coming home on the 20th. New engine and trans job and they are doing the brakes while its in the shop.

Guess I am going through my second child hood cause I bought a Harley Duece to ride the back roads with. Now i am looking at a trailer to pull behind Nellie Belle.

You may be lucky as I as far as bypassing the bypass operation, they are doing wonderful things with stints now days, as of right now I have 8. Of course I have to take my share of medicines to prevent the junk from building up but such is life.

Worse part about the stints is a toss up between the shaving close with a weed eater or the having to lie flat on your back with a sand bag on your groin for 10 to 12 hours.

Hopefully we will get the opportunity to put many miles on the old 1979 Foretravel in the near future,

I will be looking into some new tires sometime in the near future,

I'm about to have 6 XRV's for sale. Do I hear 10 cents each? haha

Oh, well. I guess I'll just have to pay to dispose of them.