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I am going to buy 2 new fronttires for my MH as of now it has 245/70/19.5 G670 RV on it. I was given a price at $335.90 EA.x2 = $671.84total cost. I was also told I could go with BF Goodrich same rating at $85 less. The $170 is not a determining factor on which one to buy, I just would like to hear some pro/con on your thoughts.

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Re: tires

Hey Hollis, check out Michelin XPS RIB tires. I just bought four 225x75x16E tires for my 5er. $206 each. I think Rod runs the Michelin XPS RIB tires on his MH.


Re: tires

yes i do run the Ribs on my Mh ,, and have never been happier ,, they cost a little more ,, but what is cost when u get the wrm and fuzzy felling of not haveing to worry about u'r tires ;) ;) :approve: :approve: :approve: :approve: :approve:
And ,, bty Hollis ,, i'm gonna be in the same shape u are next yr ,, i'm pushig the 6yr limit now ,,, but when i go with new tires ,, i'll go for all (including spare and same brand)
So for me that's 9 tires (ouch) ,, I may have to borrow some extra cash off Tex to pay for them ,, :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:
But Hollis it's up to u ,, run what u can afford and feel good about ,, tire technology has come a long way in the past few yr's JMO ;) ;) ;) :approve: :approve: