Titaium fithwheels good or bad

Looking to buy our first 5er like the glendale 28e33ts will be towing with an F250Sd 6.0 diesel.Know truck can pull but is glendale a good choice? Help
Titaium fithwheels good or bad

We looked at the Glendale FW as to taking it on in our dealership last year. The major drawback that I could find with it is the Head Knocker bed. I use to sell a brand that had the same bed and customers would say how they hated the bed when they would raise up and hit the head on the top of the slide out. Other than that a very nice unit made north of the border. We went with the Grand Junction and Carriage brands instead.
Maybe a owner of a Titaium can post about how they tow and also address the bed issue.