Titling of vehicles

I recently purchased a BT cruiser that is titled 2003.all the literature however is 2002,and a friend who should know told me that by the VIN number its a 2002. I also found this on a dodge saratoga titled2000 but everything points to its being a 1999. I wondered if this was normal for motorhomes to have a chassis of one year and a body of another
Titling of vehicles

Yes this is something that the industry has been dealing with for sometime now. What really can blow your mind is the ones that has a two year difference in the chassis and body. You do not see this much anymore since the sales have picked back up n the last few years. Mfg. purchase the chassis and get better deals at the years end. The 2006 models are arriving on dealers lot now and the 2005 chassis are just getting into full swing.
Titling of vehicles

Very common Andy. Chassis built one year and coach finished in another year. Mine is titled as a 1999 and under the name of the engine and frame mfgr, yet it is a 2000. If you want to cover yourself when you sell it, get a statement from the RV mfg as to what model yr they consider it to be. :laugh:


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Titling of vehicles

On rare occasion it can also go the other way. When Ford introduced the V-10 powered motorhome chassis, it was released in late March of 1998, but as a 1999 chassis. My vin and my title list the chassis as a 1999, but the coach is shown as a 1998, I took deliver on a special ordered unit in May of 1998, with the order having stipulated that it had to be built on the V-10 chassis.

Currently, there are new motorhomes being built on the Ford 2006 chassis and some still show a 2005 coach.