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Any comments/recommendations on a Brake Buddy vs. the BrakePro?

Also, we have a lease car & wonder about using the magnetic brake lights mounted on trunk while under tow. We thought this would be economical since we'd be trading cars.

Do the magnetic brake lights mar the finish of car?

Thanx!! :laugh: :laugh:
Toad Braking Systems

Brake Buddy and Brake Pro are both very good systems. Which one is better is all a matter of who you ask. Either one will work nicely for what you want. I would suggest going to the manufactures web site and then decide which one you want.
As far as the mag mount brake lights, they will scratch the paint surface if they are slid around on the paint, esp. when being removed.
My solution to this problem has been to place a piece of clear packing tape on the bottom of the light. It reduces it's holding power slightly. I have never had one come off by doing this. I got mine at camping world.
Hope this helps.



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Toad Braking Systems

I have no knowledge of the Brake Pro, but I can tell you that the Brake Buddy is an excellent product and that the company will stand behind it for as long as you own it. I bought mine used and they still took care of the only problem that I have had. If I were looking today, I would buy the Brake Buddy again. They are the most common toad brake in use today and for good reason.
Toad Braking Systems

I can't speak to Brake Pro, but Our brake buddy is a very good unit. Glad it was there a couple of different times when I needed a quick stop in heavy traffic.