Toad front end protection suggestions needed


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Hi, Just joined this forum and have gone through 24 pages of 37 pages of topics (wound up in Aug 2002!) looking for any information on what people prefer to use to protect the front of their toad.

On another message board I read about the 3M type products and I don't think I want to go that route. I read that the large, hard plastic shield-thing Camping World sells doesn't work well. I read that one person thinks CW's custom cover-everything-from-bumper-to-over-windshield bra-thing works well.

Anyone have any input for me? I have a brandly new, 3-wk-old, 2004 Toyota RAV4 that I am going to have a tow bar set-up installed for (could use recommendations on those, too) and I don't want her to get messed up!

Thanks! I have enjoyed reading your posts on other topics.
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Toad front end protection suggestions needed

The very best protecton I have seen is the und r skirt. Variations are sold at camping world and towing world. Flaps don't cut it and in fact alot of folks remove their full width advertisement flap. The hitch mounted shield does little to help, rocks still go over it and nail the windscreen. Wider flaps behind the wheels set high enough that they don't / won't drag as do the full witdth flaps when one hits a bump or dip seem to help. Bras are a matter of opinion, I wouldn't own one again.