Top 5 beginner mistakes

Re: Top 5 beginner mistakes

More serious note. I keep a liitle tool box. I keep cable ties, electrical tape, of course duct tape. I would go to Wal-Mart and buy a $20-30 tool kit that has everyday type wrenches. A good jack, you can find these in a nice carrying case. Don't forget the lug wrench, there are collapsible ones available. Your TT don't come with this stuff. I would also recommend getting a replacement vent cover. They cost around $15. You will never know when a tree limb is going to come down and grab hold of one!!! If you can get on the roof, they are easy to change. One more thing, you might consider some of your water line fittings. These will be what causes you problems. Get a pressure regulator for your hose. Each park water pressure is different, but what your camper can withstand isn't.
I would also check for safety items on the camper. For example: My Terry TT has a large storage area under the bunk beds with a large access door on the side of the camper which could only be opened from the outside. The top bunk had a emergency window so that person in the top bunk, could get out in case of fire. But the person on the bottom would have to climb to the top bunk and then climb out the window to get out. So I had the dealer replace this latch with a standard door latch that could be opened from inside. Falling 7' to 8' to the ground out of a window, no larger than 18"x 24", isn't my idea of a safe escape!!

But as Les Stroud would say, it is best to put together your safety/survival kit. By listening to other people who have been there and done that. Then make your own from all of their suggestions. Good Luck and enjoy camping!!! Prepare for all of the joyful memories that you will have to keep up with!!