Tow dolly behind 5th wheel


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Hello everyone
Was hoping for some input on this,
Can I tow a tow dolly with a small suv on it behind a 28’ 5th wheel camper ? I have a tow dolly from Uhaul .
I can’t seem to find a yes or no .
We are in Manitoba and want to drive to Daytona, Florida for next winter.
Or should we just forget it and rent an apartment.


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I know it's old and too late now but...
Each state is different and may not allow it. You'd be best served contacting the DMV or state patrol in each state you plan on driving in... Otherwise, you might get into more trouble than it was worth.
Some states allw n4a bumper pull behind only 5th wheel trailers, some allow all Bumper Pull (BP) it, like Toter, BP, B, BP, some do not allow doubles at all without a CDL.


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Generally, it's not recommended due to safety and legal concerns, so renting an apartment might be easier.