tow dolly brakes or not

thinking about getting a tow dolly, do I need one with brakes??
thinking of towing a front wheel drive car under 4000lbs
thanks for any info or your experience


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Depends on if you want to stop before or after hitting something or one. Really you need some type of added braking system and most states require them.



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I have towed a Honda Accord and Saturn on a dolly with out brakes many of times. We live here in GA. and have been to AZ, UT pulling a dolly. But I can say it's the speed you are going is where you can run into trouble. Take your time, don't be in a big hurry drive safe and I think you be OK without having brakes on a dolly. JMHO


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We towed a Chevy Venture van on a dolly once and I will never do it again. What a royal pain the patoot. But, that being said, the dolly did have brakes. I would rather have brakes and not need them than not have them and get in a bind where I did need them.