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Looking for tips to inprove milage. I have a 27' Jayco Jay Flight and I tow with a Dodge 2006 Quad cab 1500 with the 5.7 Hemi and the automatic tranny with tow settings. This also has the low ratio axel and 20" wheels. If I stay 55 to 60 I am getting around 8 - 10 MPG. If I keep pace with traffic it drops to 6, or less. I just returned from Iowa and averaged 8.5 on the trip up from Oklahoma and returning pulled around 10 on my last tank on a 2 lane road at night. When I left Iowa coming home I had wind and I80 was packed so I felt safer keeping up with the flow of other big rigs. I only pulled 5.1 on the first tank. I have already modified the exhaust. I took the first muffler off and the second I replaced with a flowmaster, I left the 3rd muffler on. I think the next step will be to add a straight intake for better air and then I am thinking of a power chip. Does anyone have experince with these items, or other suggestions? I am particularly concerned the power chip may hurt milage. To run 65 mph, the engine is turning 2800 to 3000 RPM. I am now runing 87 octane with 2 bottle of gas treatment in each tank when towing. The engine runs as well or better with that than on 93 premium. thanks for the comments. I am new to the forum and to full size trailers this year and spent hours reading the old threads before I bought. This is a great tool.
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Well you own a gas guzzler to say the least. For starters what kind of mileage do you get on the highway running 65 with ou any load, my guess is about 15 to 18 am I close :question:

What ratio axle do you have :question:

The exhaust thing puts you on the right track you may want to look at a sey of tuned after market headers. Talk to the header vendor and tell him where you want the most torgue and he will design header just for that range.

Stay away from ghips they will give you more power but you burn more gas.

The 8 to 10 at 55 tto 60 is actually about right.

I have a Chevy 6.5 diesel and I run about 60 for the most part and my mileage runs about 12. If i try and keep up with the fast lane I drop down to 8 and 9. I just let them flip me off and I wave to them as I pass them fueling up again and again.

Camping is a laid back time anyway so don't hurry, enjoy this great beautiful country we live in


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DAMN ,, i get atleast 13 mpg on my class a 40 ft with a diesel ,, but have made some high dollar modifications to it... bty cummins diesel does smell really good,,, To qoute DL :laugh:

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See guys I know you will all come around sooner or later. All you have to do is stop and smell the diesel. ;)
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You are right on the hwy. 15 - 18. I have pulled 22 on a whole trip staying under 60 through arkansas. The truck has the cylinder displament motor and does as well as I expected without towing. the axle is a 3.82. I am happy with the truck and rig and will just factor the fuel in as a cost of fun. I just didn't want to make any other changes and make it worse.
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Yep :) now you are on the right track :cool: When we plan a trip we plug in 40 cents a mile to cover fuel because from time to time we make part of the trip in the 65 mph range and it also covers the cost of our run around fuel when sight see


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Don't forget to check the air pressure in your rv and tow vehicles. On our previous pu/5ver combo, I made sure the tires were within 4 lbs +- on each. Sure can make a difference in the MPG if your running low on either one.