Towing a full size van


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I have a 84 Allegro w/454 eng..Has anyone towed a full size van with this MH ? We go to Florida in the winter and would like to take our Van with us..I can get a used Demco tow dolly rated at 4800 lbs and am unsure if this would be big enough..The van placard says 3400# on front and 3400# on rear..Can anyone give us a suggestion ???
Towing a full size van

The first thing you need to do is find out how much your motorhome can tow! Subtract the actual fully loaded weight of the MH from its Gross Combined Vehicle Weight Rating(GCVWR). I would be surprised if you can tow the vehicle and a tow dolly safely. Is the hitch rated for the weight of both the vehicle and tow dolly?