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We have a Chrysler LXi minivan with a 3.8 liter engine. We have a Jayco popup 1006ST, it weighs (dry weight) 1860 lbs. I have added a tranny cooler and Tekonsha Prodigy brake controller. The trailer salesman said we could tow this trailer with no problems. Was he telling me the truth or just using a sales pitch? What I am asking is this, will the Chrysler minivan be okay? I could also add a bigger radiator if needed. I pulled it from Tulsa to Coffeyville KS about 85 miles and the van seemed to have plenty of power. Any help or suggestions will be much appreciated.


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Re: Towing a popup

Welcome to the forum. What does your mini-van owner's manual say about weight towing? Don't forget what you load in the pop up and in the van for weight. Not sure but sounds like it should pull it pretty easily. Watch your tires pressure on the van and trailer. ;)


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RE: Towing a popup

I have a 96 Chrysler T&C, and I did tow a popup ( slightly larger) a few times. I wound up having to add sway bars due to the low riding nature of the van. This made it tolerable. We woundup buying a Suburban to tow with as I was not satisfied with the T&C towing capabilities.



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RE: Towing a popup

Most minivans can tow a maximum of 3500lbs. You should be fine with that size pop-up.