Towing my TT to Disney from IL


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Hi, I have a 2005 Chevy Express 3500 extended 15 passenger van and I just bought a 31 Palomino, Puma DBTS that has a dry weight of 8,200 lbs that I plan on towing to Disney World in the Fall. First off, I do not have the rear 4:10 set up that I'm told will "technically" allow you to pull the full 10,000 weight limit, but the Chevy dealer tells me that I won't have any problem towing the trailer. I have already towed it a couple hours and the van seem to pull it ok, but it does fell pretty heavy behind me with all our gear in it. My question to the forum is if you think I will have any issues pulling this trailer all the way to Disney World from near Chicago? My real concern is going through the mountains in Tenn. I'm new to owning a Chevy Express 3500 and towing a trailer that heavy. I have a wife and five kids I'll be bringing there and do not want to break down! Thanks!

C Nash

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which engine do you have? Does it have a tow package? What does the owner manual list as your tow weight max? 7 people will have a lot of extra and you have to add that to total. Need more info