Towing new T.T.


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I am new to towing a TT and would like some tips or any suggestions that anyone might be able to provide. I will be towing a 30' Puma that has a dry weight of 7100 lbs of gvrw of 1100 and know that I will need a weight distribution hitch of some type. I seen ads for a hitch called the pull rite that attaches under the truck near the axle and pulls like a fifth wheel, I wanted to know if anyone knows about this hitch and if it really works as well as advertised. I want to make our trips as safe and enjoyable as possible and this site seems to have alot of people with years of experiance. Any help would be greatly appreciated. By the way I will be towing with a 05 f250 6.0 p.s. Thanks Ken
Towing new T.T.

I've talked to a few people who have spent the money for one and they all tell me that once you get used to it you won't go back to a regular hitch.


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Towing new T.T.

If I was going to tow a travel trailer, I'd look at the Pull-Rite first. Not only do they claim it will 'pull like a fifth wheel', but it should be much easier to hook up than a fixed hitch.

I think that the Pull-Rite will prevent sway, but I don't think it will provide any significant 'weight distribution'...