towing questions????


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i have a 93 ford f-250 and an 18 foot pioneer camper. right now i dont have a distribution hitch but the trailer pulls fine with just a regular hitch but i am exceeding the weight limit of the hitch by about 500 lbs with the trailer loaded. how critical is this? since the hitch is rated for 5000lbs and i am about 5500lbs loaded. i have pulled it quite awhile like this but i would like to get the 10000 rated reciever and 10000 rated hitch. it is a cheaper route than the distribution hitch. also with this heavier rated hitches can i safely pull a 19 foot 3500lb boat behind the trailer? over all length of both is about the same. would it be better having the dist. hitch when pulling both? even though the truck pulls the trailer fine without one. thanks for any help. i truly enjoy camping.

C Nash

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towing questions????

I would never tow a 3500 lb boat behind a 18 ft rv. The rv frame will probably not hold that kind of weight. Also better ck state laws where you will be towing. it is illegal in some states. AJMO