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I have a 2000 model Honda Civic LX with automatic transmission. Does anyone know if this vehicle can be safely towed with all four wheels on the ground? Any known problems with engine lubrication etc.? I understand Saturn vehicles, (even automatics) are specifically designed for towing with features like a disabled odometer when the transmission is placed in neutral and the key is turned to the ACC position. I'm just wondering if I need to trade my Honda in for a Saturn!

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I'm sure if you call your local Honda dealer they can tell you if it can be towed four down. Good luck and happy camping.

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The only Honda that has instructions in the owner's manual for towing is the CR-V, but there is now a service bulletin that gives the same instructions as in the CR-V manual. Hondas have been towed successfully for a long time. You can get baseplates and equipment for them from Blue Ox, Road Master, and several other suppliers.

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Check out website for motorhome magazine. they have a very in depth chart of what vehicles that can be toad and what needs to be done to them if anything including tow speeds, stopping every some many miles and starting the engine to lube the tranny etc.