Towmate Wireless Toad Lights

We just bought a 2006 Jeep Commander to replace our aging 1996 Jeep Grand for towing. On the old Jeep, I had run a separate wiring harness to the back of the vehicle and installed two new light sockets in the taillights. On the newer Jeep, it just wasn't possible to do that.

I did a little research and came up with some wireless towing lights by Towmate. Here's the link:

I bought mine on Ebay. I have the 22" bar and paid about $250 but boy are they cool. You charge them up with a cigarette lighter and they are good for 10 hours or so on the road. They've got a magnetic base that just sticks to the roof of the Jeep and a little wireless transmitter that plugs into the trailer connector on the MH. That's it. These suckers are BRIGHT and work great. Talk about easy. Sure, you pay for the convenience but so far I'm loving these.