Trading RV


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Is there anywhere on the 'net' a place where RV owners can list what they have to trade? I have a 29 ft Class 'C, '96 Fleetwood Tioga in excellent shape (36000 miles and clean). After a year with the Class 'C' we have determined that for our method of use, we really need a decent used 25 ft 5th wheel, with slide, and with a tow vehicle--the full rig. Equity and values are such that they should be almost an equal swap. But where do you get in touch with the 5th wheel owner who is ready to move 'lock, stock and barrel' into the self contained motorhome?

All kinds of folks want to sell trucks. Also 5th wheels. None of them want to pay me a difference for a higher value Class 'A'.

Where are the folks who have a full rig and are ready to trade up?

Moegwood--in E. Tennessee