Trail Cruiser 30QBSS 2006 vs 2007


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Other than one has a 6 in the date and the other has a 7 does anyone know the differences between @ 2006 and 2007 model?

I see dealers with both year models posted on their lots w/seemingly identical extras but the price difference between the two years is substantial. Both are listed as new units & like I said other than one being a 6 and the other a 7 what are the differences.


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Trail Cruiser 30QBSS 2006 vs 2007

The one with '6' is last year's model. If you find one you like, you should be able to get a better deal on it. I got mine for NADA 'used' price, but full warranty. Took me about 2 months to get them to accept that price tho :)

Ask the dealer what the difference between them is. If there is a new feature you like or you just plain like the look of the '7' more, go for it, just be prepared to pay more.


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RE: Trail Cruiser 30QBSS 2006 vs 2007

I just purchased a Trail Cruiser TC23SB in January 2006. I figured that it was a 2006 but the title came back as 2007. With all the options available and each having many models of each option, I don't think you can nail down the year model by comparing options.