Trailer for my trailer!

I am looking to put a reciever hitch on the back of my 2001 Nash 22H Travel trailer.

I am planning on towing a 7'X12' Utility flatbed with 3 ATV's in it. Weight is not a prob, but I have talked to a couple of trailer dealers and one has told me that no one in his right mind would install a reciever on my trailer because of the liability.

I am pretty boggled about this because I have called Nash direct and they have no problems with this. I feel that I am a capable driver after driving semi for 5 years and my truck is not a concern.
Does anyone know of any laws reguarding trailers towing trailers (not a 5th wheel)? I know some states do not allow doubles but I sure want to get this hashed out before I fork out lots of $$$$.

All help is appreciated!

2001 Nash 22H
2001 F-250 SD V-10

2001 Nash 22H Loaded!

Gary B

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Trailer for my trailer!

Hi FreddyK, better check with your DMV and anywhere you plan to tow, most states do not allow double towing with reg. trailers, I know that in Mn. it is illegal. Hrer the only legal double towing is with a 5th wheel trailer and then only towing a boat is allowed, the combined length is 60 ft. or less. Good luck and happy trails GB[:)
PS I can fully understand that no shop wants the liability of that installation, you would have to do it yourself, and besure to run this by your insurance folks, they may have a idea or two about this also. GB

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Trailer for my trailer!

Hey Freddyk, I'm in the process of geting a hitch put on the back of my 276 courar. Checked with manf. it will void warr. on frame. But that was only good for a year anyway. It's ok to triple tow in Texas with 5th wheel or t/t,total lenght is 65'. Everyone I know or seen is over that lenght anyway. Just make sure what ever you tow weighs 1/3 or less of your trailer weight. And do like Gary B said and check with your DMV and your ins. We did all this and went for it, We love to fish to much not to have our boat with us.