Trailer Hitches

I need a custom made trailer hitch for a BMW 530 Touring (Station wagon)to tow a small fiberglass camping trailer 2000 lbs all up with 250 lbs max on the hitch. BMW makes one factory installed, but it is not available for delivery in Canada. The car does not have a spare tyre, its one of these "Flat Run" ones, so no complications for a trailer hitch in that respect.
Anyone in the forum know who might be able to produce a fitting solution?

Thanks, Joe (e.mail: )

Ed H.

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Trailer Hitches

The first question is why is the factory hitch not available in Canada? Is it a legal thing (that model car not approved for towing??) or some other reason?
If the car is approved to tow, try They seem to make hitches for everything. You can also look up Drawtite and Easelift. Of the aftermarket manufacturers, these seem to be the big 3. Good luck and happy towing.
Trailer Hitches

Thanks your advise. The car should be OK. Its factory rated for 2000 kg towing. Will give the three mentioned a try.