Trailer or Motorhome?


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My wife and I are retired in our sixties and in good health.
In March 2004 we are going to take a 4 month trip accross the USA. We plan on selling whatever we purchase upon or return. It makes sense to us to buy used as not to take a big depreciation hit on resale. We have zero experience and no knowledge about trailers or motorhomes.
We thought it would be better than motel hopping, packing and unpacking routine. Can anyone out there share their experience with us and perhaps give some advice? We would like to talk with someone on the phone if possible.

Bobbi and George

Gary B

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Trailer or Motorhome?

Hi Geo, welcome to the forum! :) We have had Travel trailers, Class C motorhomes Class A MH's, 5th wheels, and slide-in truck campers. For going and staying for a time we prefer the 5th wheel, but for traveling and moving on its hard to beat a Motorhome or pickup camper. If you don't already have a good tow vehicle then a mh is problay the best or easiest to go with. Motorhomes wither it be Class A's Class B's or a Class C have the advantage of just getting in and driving, you can stop at rest areas etc and don't have to go out side for the bathroom or kitchen, it'll most likely have a generator for power, I am painting a wide swath as not all MH's have generators and one should check tires etc outside. If you have more questions please feel free to E-mail me, Good luck with the search you'll get other good advise from the other here also. :) :laugh: :cool: :bleh: :approve:


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Trailer or Motorhome?

I'm not sure, but I'm thinking the trailer may hold its resale value better (no drivetrain to add miles too). Also check your state registration fees for motorhome vrs truck/trailer to see if one is much more than the other. Plus, if you keep the truck, you can use it around town, and if the bug bites you, always get another trailer.

All else being equal though, the motorhome is much more conveniant, as Gary says.