transfer tanks and the law

What is the law governing the use of transfer tanks in the bed of a pu? I would like to put a 90gal L shaped tank in the bed to go under my saddle box. Some one told me that would be fine as long as I didn't pull my fifth wheel. He said there is some kinda federial law that says you can't transfer fuel in the bed of a truck while towing a trailer. I need to know from someone that either "KNOWS" the law or knows where I can find out.

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transfer tanks and the law

I truly believe somebody is pulling your chain. I carried auxillary and transfer tanks in the beds of my pickups for many years...I know many police officers and firemen who do the same, in several states and Canada. I used them for aux. vehicle fuel and with a 12volt transfer pump, fueled my aircraft and other toys. Great for snow machines, boats, etc when the closest filling station can be a hundred miles away... I've never cared much for jerry cans or plastic jugs...
transfer tanks and the law

Could very well be. But the strange thing is the guy was in the business of sellin these tanks. His thing was that it was legal until you put a trailer while transfering the fuel. I agree with you that it doesn't make any sense but then again there are a few laws out there that don't. Before I put some serious cash into this idea I want to make sure I'm not goin to have a problem.
transfer tanks and the law

Rules have been changeing. In this part of Canada, the tank must be bolted to the frame and be part of the vehicles fuel system. The big hang up appears to be with loose transfer tanks shifting and causeing a fuel spill in an accident.