Transmission Fulid

Hello, does anyone know how many quarts/pints of transmission fuild the GM Tubo 400 trans. with oil cooler holds. Mine is so hard to read when hot, and I have always heard how critical it is not to over fill the transmisssion. Thanks for any help you all may give me. Terry
Transmission Fulid

Hello again, the Turbo 400 hold 9 1/2 qts. with deep pan, 7 1/2 qts. without deep pan. I plan to notch the dip stick (my own idea :laugh: ) to make it easier to read. I found the imformation by using If you all have any more ideas about the dip stick, or how much the oil cooler adds, I would like to hear them. My eye's are not as good as they used to be. :disapprove: Thanks, Terry

Gary B

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Transmission Fulid

Hi Terry6, a cooler would hold about a qt or alittle less, I know about the old eyes seem every year its alittle less. :eek: How about marking the line with finger nail polish, my concern with notching the dipstick is viberation may cause it to break off at the notch, maybe I worry to much :evil: Good luck :) :cool: :bleh: :approve:
Transmission Fulid

Thanks Gary B, that helps me a lot. The finger nail polish is something I didn't think about. Everytime I check the trans. oil I ask my wife if she can see where we are on the stick. And she pulls out the flashlight and we argue about where the oil is on the stick. :laugh: The notch that I was thinking of would be about 1/6" off the side of the stick, at the full line. I know what you mean about being a worrier, my brother thinks I worry to much, but when he ran out of water in the desert a few weeks ago all he had to do was come to his older brother to get what he needed. :8ball: :laugh: I like the polish idea. Take care and Thanks again, Terry :cool: