Transmission problem

We have a 1987 Rockwood Chevrolet that had the engine rebuilt, new tires put on it and it belonged to our friends who are Veterinarians. After they did all this they let it set for 10 years only driving it about 20 miles four or five times. We purchased it from them and the first week was July 4th and we took our Grand daughter to Jellystone Park in Indiana from Ohio. Nine miles away from there we were driving 60 miles per hour and the transmission went out, we drove in first gear along side of the highway at 35 miles per hour until we got to the RV Park. This was a one and a half hour drive and it took us 5 hours to get home going 35 miles per hour down RT. 40 to get it back home. We are first going to have the transmission power flushed to see if it gummed up sitting so long and if that is not it my husband is taking the transmission off and taking it to a Transmission shop to have it fixed. Does anyone have any idea's why it will drive in first gear and what may be wrong with it? Do you have any idea's that you care to offer? This is a really nice older RV and has good care but has not been driven since the engine was rebuilt which they paid $7,000.00 to have rebuilt. We got it at a good price but maybe not if it needs a new transmission.
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Re: Transmission problem

After sitting that long and being drive only 20 miles, my bet is on condensation building up in the transmission fluid. The water mixed with fluid will fail a transmission in any number of ways. What does the transmission fluid look like? Is it a nice translucent red? Is it pink like a strawberry milkshake? Is it black?


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RE: Transmission problem

I have read your post and really think there is one thing you should do before getting to far ahead of the problem . it would be nice to know what trans you have but guessing by the year and being a chevy im thinking its a th400 or th475 used in a lot motor homes and med duty trucks . after sitting for 10 yrs. the vacum hoses start getting hard and crack if the hose going to vacum modulator on the trans has cracked or fell off it would not shift to high gear unless you really wound it up. go under the vehicle and look for a steel line hooked to the modulator valve usually has a rubber hose 3 inches long to make the connection if it looks good pull it off . look for any trans fliud in the line. If ok start the engine put your finger over the hose and see if you feel suction. IF not it could be off or cracked up at the top where it hooks to intake manifold. just think you should check this as have seen this many times. reply back im curious