Travel Country RV Center in Florida, Dispute

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Lake City, Florida

This is their aphorism:

"Travel Country RV is committed to the highest standards of customer service, ethical business practices and employee development."

My experience with this RV Dealer.

I purchased a used RV from Travel Country RV Center in Lake City Florida towards the end of summer last year and there where a few items needing to be repaired. Mike the repairman corrected as best he could the items, which is not even close to being acceptable. After a few days on the road some repaired items failed. Minor in nature but none the less items that if had been repaired correctly would have made our traveling experience, our first time in a motor home, much more enjoyable and would not have caused additional damage. So after the trip I talked to the sales manager at the Travel Country RV Center in Lake City Florida and he agreed to re-repair the items including repairing an additional problem that was over looked, repairing the joint where the canvas roof meets the front fiberglass nose cone, which I did not know of at the time of purchase but was found with in the first month of ownership. I told him we are using the unit and when should we bring it in. Anytime is fine. OK. So I thought. Temporary repairs were done to the roof.

Well because of the 4-5 storms/hurricanes we had and leaving the area for these and then work and I made several trips to the dealer and each time they where very busy could I wait. Certainly as winter set in we stored the RV for the season. Well spring came and planning started so in March I called to make arrangements for the repairs.

I contacted the service manager and they said that in three weeks to bring in for service. So I thought all was set for the repairs. Upon arrival I was informed that they are 10-12 days behind and they would do the repairs. Which are to me under warranty. Fine. After a week with the coach sitting at the RV Center I get a call. Seems the service manager said we are confused which awning do I want repaired. I said the one that is torn... duh. Then she said we cannot do the warranty repairs because sales does not want to pay and it is not up to the service department to repair but that sales has to be billed and to pay. Transfer money, on paper, from one department to another. Obviously sales does not want to show this as a liability and service wants the credit. As always the consumer is caught in the middle over two departments feuding over who's responsibility it is to re-repair defective workmanship and stand behind their word to do the warranty repairs.

So, I went there and meet with the salesman, Ron Ley ( who I have known for 5 years and we both come from the same small town in south Florida, and I consider a good friend, still do as his hands are tied) and he said "there is nothing I can do". I said the sales manager had agreed to do the repairs and said the items would be taken care of. "I know that" he said "but there is nothing I can do" was Ron's response... "I tried." As well he did several times. (Ron is not the typical salesman, I trust him).

To top that I asked to talk directly with the sales manager Jeff Dillard and was told he is too busy to see me. Seems more like I don't want to discuses this or see you or anything else... and certainly don't remind me of what I said about repairing the warranty items. I paid the money for the RV and now he is TOO BUSY to see a customer.

So what items needed attention under warranty, well the sliding door to the aft cabin is missing a small bracket and screw. Fixed once when we purchased the coach...for about a day. The canvas roof. Not a big deal but none the less needs a stitch or two in time to be safe. And that is all. Any other small items I can do myself. So now I will take the motor home to another dealer, have the repairs done correctly this time and pay for them out of my own pocket. So much for the word of a used motor home dealer. Oh, one more thing the "mechanic" who did the original repairs... well he is no longer working there. I wonder why... poor workmanship or ????

So be alert to this bait and switch, my word is my bond rhetoric. Don't take this dealers word for anything. As for the salesman, he is still a good friend.

But I cannot afford to buy another motor home from this dealer. Not money... trust.

Lake City
530 Florida Gateway Center Blvd.
Lake City, Florida 32024
Toll free: (888)212-6289
Phone: (386)752-3723
Fax: (386)755-5170

Lake Park
5355 Mill Store Rd.
Lake Park, Georgia 31636
Toll free: (888)260-6988
Phone: (229)559-7924
Fax: (229)559-4757

Others have been ripped off by this dealer. Read these sad stories:

TRAVEL COUNTRY RV CENTER in lake city ripped us off. At a show we were lied to on the payment plans & then they took our deposit & refused to return it. After much gut wrenching we decided to buy her before the 10 day limit of the contract was up. low & behold they sold it to some one else and still would not return our money (2000.00). So all I can say to all buyers beware of signing anything with out reading it over with a lawyer.

Another unhappy camper:

Posted: 04/03/05 08:35pm
I can't speak about this particular deal, but I can on the dealership, both are owned by the same owner and I had dealings with the one in Lake Park, Ga. I was lied out right there by one of their salesman. This is how it went down.
When I was looking to purchase my Compass instead of driving all around I was e-mailing and calling dealerships to see what kind of deal I could get because I would be trading in my 03 Cougar fifth wheel. Well, I called over to the Lake Park store and talked one of their salesman. He kept telling me to come on over that he didn’t want to work up the deal over the phone. I was fine with that, except I told him that I would need a ball park figure though before I pulled my fifth wheel from Tallahassee, Fl to Lake Park Ga. I made the statement to him that if they were not close to what I was thinking a good deal would be then, I would be wasting his and my time. He gave me a figure over the phone and I repeated it. He said "Hell it might be even lower than that, get over here so we can deal" Because of that statement I thought that we had finally found a place that I could deal with.
My wife and drove all that ways to find out that what he said over the phone was a bunch of bull. His price wasn’t nowhere near what he said it would be and he got mad when I kept asking him why he lied to us. Finally we got up and started to walk out and the man that he kept going back to in his office came out and gave us a dirty look as well when we left. I wouldn't buy a screw from either one them places.
An earlier post said they got the truth from the dealer. I say "Ha" to that. Like he was gonna admit to doing something wrong. They have been in business for a while but if they kept that up it want be long before people figures them out. I have and I ’m telling everyone I know.
By the way, that was a 04 I was looking at and I went to Lazy Days in Florida and got a 05 several thousand dollars cheaper for the same coach..

Here are several other stories.|km%7Bexact%7D|kl%7Bm%7D|fm%7B%7D|pd%7B180%7D|ma%7B%7D/sr/1.cfm


Travel Country RV Center in Florida, Dispute

In Louisiana we have lemon laws and another possobility would be to contact the manufacturer of the motor home and lodge a complait with them.
They are the one with clout