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We are recently retired and just purchased a 22 ft. MH, we live in Florida. My question is: we want to take a trip to Yellowstone, Grand Canyon, Mt. Rushmore, etc this fall. We are thinking of going around Labor Day to avoid all the crowds. Is there a good rule of thumb as far as time to go? Will the parks and facilities still be open after Labor Day? Will the weather be a problem as far as driving? Also, would 400 miles per day be too much to expect to get there? Any suggestions as to the route to take and any areas to view coming and going would be appreciated. We are not into shopping, like the more scenic routes and try to avoid the heavy traffic and crowds. Once we get to parks are there better places to stay over others for us first timers? Are we trying to cover too much in our first trip? Thanks in advance for any and all suggestions. Want to cover all areas in next few years while we still have our health. Want to go to Canada, Washinton, Oregon, Northeast coast, you get the picture. Is there a magazine that lists most campsites or areas for overnight travelers. We have the AAA books but they don't list a lot of sites.


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Travel out West

This is not too long a trip depending on how long you intend to be gone. This sounds like a 6 week trip to me. I recommend doing the northern things first and then going south to catch the rest. September is usually a GREAT time to visit the Black Hills and Yellowstone. Be sure to place the Teton National Park on you agenda as well. Be aware that it CAN snow on you in Wyoming in September but it doesn't happen every year and when it does the snow melts fast. We spent the first week of October in Yellowstone and Teton last year and had great weather.

As I am a westerner I have no opinion on routes while still in the east. I would suggest that you find your way to the Black Hills. From there go west on I90 to Sundance, Wy. At Sundance take a side trip to Devil's Tower then proceed west on I90 to Buffalo, WY. Take US 16 from Buffalo to Worland. Take US20 from Worland to Thermopolis. In Thermopolis go for a swim in one of the hot springs resorts. From Thermopolis take WY120 to Cody. Check out the Buffalo Bill Museum in Cody. From Cody the most scenic route is WY120 to WY296 to US212 and Cooke City, MT. Enter Yellowstone at the Northeast Gate. Be aware that although these are good highways, they are narrow in places and VERY steep and winding in places. There are other less scenic routes that are less challenging to drive. I posted a reply HERE on this forum that defines other less challenging routes from the Black Hills to Yellowstone.

From Yellowstone exit south through the Tetons to Jackson, WY. From Jackson take US26 to US89. Take US89 to Ogden, UT where you pickup I15 South. Plan your trip from there depending on what you want to see.

I recommend that you join Good Sam camping club. Click
HERE. They have several attractive membership benefits one of which is a discount on "Trailer Life RV Campground Directory". This is good directory that gives good info on campgrounds coast-to-coast. They also have a discount program for MANY campgrounds.

All these parks will be open after Labor Day. Some facilities will be closed but not enough to impact your enjoyment.

Email me if you have more questions.