Travel questions

I am doing some personal research on travel tendencies through the state of Oklahoma. I am doing this because I am considering opening a new RV resort in the Tulsa Oklahoma area. Here are my questions... How many of you in this forum travel to Oklahoma as a destination spot or just travel through on your way somewhere else?(If you could answer this by just telling me if you have ever thought of traveling through or if you do come through oklahoma often) What lures you to choose one RV resort over another?

If you folks could just help me out it would be greatly appreciated...Thanks
Travel questions

i travel to okla every 2nd year to visit relatives in ardmore and madill. i stay at lake murray or texoma state parks. then i go thru tulsa to visit relatives in ill. the roads in and around tulsa are always rough and under construction so i get thru there as soon as possible. i did spend i nite at grand lake private rv park but was very dissatisfied. i would not use an rv park at tulsa now. there are good parks in missouri that are a better distance from ardmore. the okla turnpike should bypass tulsa to relieve some of that congestion. if you could get near an offramp and onramp some others would probably use your rv park.
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Travel questions

In answer to your question concerning camping in Oaklahoma, we are retired and like to travel and see the country. There are no campgrounds that we use as a destination at this time. That may change in the future but I don't think your state would be a destination state for us for a while. Although we have never been in a state that we haven't enjoyed to one extent or another, we do want to see the main attractions that we missed working and raising kids. We definitly would travel to your state and see the sights but we would move around to see them all. Good luck tho on your venture and we hope it works out for you. :)


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Travel questions

We just picked up our Fleetwood Bayside and started planning our "big trip" for next year. We are looking at a couple of different states to visit. We have ordered all the camping books from the states we are thinking of visiting. Here's what we are currently looking at as we are choosing a place to stay at:
1. Cleanliness
2. Hospitality
3. Park/Resort rules (I'll explain - we have noticed some places in Colorado do not allow camp fires, only grills. Some places charge extra for children <some are up to an extra $2.00 per child per day!>
4. What kind of set up - are you right on top of your neighbor?
5. Location.

I hope this is the kind of info you are looking for.
Travel questions

thank you so much...this is the information that is crucial to me being able to make the perfect rv resort...keep the suggestions coming
Travel questions

1. Reasonable cost
2. Pull thrus where I don't have to unhitch my truck.
3. Electric/water
4. Enforced reasonable park rules.
5. Friendly and helpfull staff.
6. Sites large enough for slide outs and awnings at the same time.
7. Wifi and cable.

:cool: We travel 8 months a year and pass thru OK occasionally