Travel Trailer, Fifth Wheel, or Class C


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My wife and I, with our dog and cat, are planning to take a year long trip around the US. We aren't sure which class of RV would be best for us. We are looking into buying used. Our dilema lies in the worry that with a Class C in order to get around easliy at our destinations we will have to tow another vehichle. What are the benfits and downfalls of each? Which would be the most economical?


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Travel Trailer, Fifth Wheel, or Class C

Welcome to the forum, Malo.

No matter which way you go, you're going to be towing something if you want to get around. It may be a motorhome and toad, or trailer or 5th wheel being pulled by the truck. My opinion: I'd rather have only one engine to worry about. Trailer or 5th wheel with truck is my vote.


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Travel Trailer, Fifth Wheel, or Class C

I second that! My DH and I have a 38' TT with one slide-out, pulled by our 3500 Dodge. We love it. Plently of room for the two of us and our 'kids' (two toy poodles). We can drop the TT at our campsite and then have the truck to make our way around in. :cool:


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Travel Trailer, Fifth Wheel, or Class C

I also concur with RentalJay.

We are now in the process of purchasing a 5th (SunnyBrook 30RKFS) to travel cross-country, semi-fulltime. We will probably buy a GMC 3500, 2WD, ext. cab., long bed to pull it.

We currently have a Class C and debated on getting a new one, but then we'd have to tow a vehicle to do local trips in. Again, you then have 2 engines to maintain, etc. With a trailer/5th you only have to maintain the battery and tires. Also, insurance and registration is a lot cheaper on a trailer/5th versus a tow vehicle.

Good luck. Maybe we'll see u on the road.