travel trailer registration woes -please help

Hi All! I am a newbie to trailering, having always relied on my camper vans. I bought a vintage Scotty 13 Ft which weighs less than 2.000 lbs. In Fl they do not issue titles to travel trailers under 2000 lbs.My quandry is this: what exactly do I have to do to register and tag this tt? The problem is that I have a bill of sale only but no prior registration info as this unit sat around in a backyard for years unused, there is no copy of a prior registartion available to me. The local DMV agent printed out a stack of paper from the state website and handed it to me saying " Im not sure, I haven't done this before". Dontcha just love the DMV?! So I really want to get this thing on the road and would appreciate any advice relative to Florida registration.Has anyone had experience in doing this ?Thanks for any and all help!!!
travel trailer registration woes -please help

I am not sure how Flordia works, but in Louisiana, you can go to the State police, have it inspected and registered. From the sounds of things , it probably has never been registered
travel trailer registration woes -please help

You might try calling the state dmv instead of your local agent. You may also want to see if FL has any provisions for "home-made" trailers. It might be quicker and simpler to go this route.
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travel trailer registration woes -please help

In Arizona, to register something without the title, you have to buy a 'title bond' from your insurance company ($100 or so, depending on value) and have a title search (was $5 many years ago) to make sure there are no open issues against the vehicle. Then they issue you a special title, and if anyone ever tries to claim the unit, the title bond pays them off.

If Florida won't fit your needs, see about registering it in another state and then move it to Florida :)
travel trailer registration woes -please help

Are you sure you even need a tag in Florida. When my Son was there in the Military a few years ago he said he didn't need tags for a trailer/boat/etc ?
Check with the local Florida Highway Patrol Office.