travel trailer

we now think that a travel trailer would be better for us than a motor home. since we can't be fulltime. we want something that will be good to go to florida in for 2 weeks at a time, maybe 3 or 4 times during the winter. is it possible to pull a travel trailer to florida in the winter if there is a chance that yhe weather might turn bad? i never see any on the road here in new york.

how are the camp grounds in florida? i understand it cost about $60.00 a night in some places. are the camp grounds worth that much.

we have a 18.5' sunline now and would like to upgrade to something better. we were not happy with the sunline since it leaked and rotted most of the floor. do you have any suggestions.

thanks, connie:)
travel trailer

Connie:If that's all you are going to do with a camper why not get a mobile home in FL.I bought one on 10000 ft lot for under 25 grand.No property taxes cause I'm over 55,and I go there frequently.One in a park would be even cheaper,but you pay the lot rent.I would not like to take that trip with a trailer in the winter 3 or 4 times a year-seems like a real pain.Sorry you had problems with the Sunline,I have had two and found them to be well made.Any trailer needs regular maintainance to the roof.If you decide to get the trailer,however,some campgrounds will store them in the off season for a reasonable fee. I would never pay $60 for a camp site,even in the Keys.There are many nice State campgrounds in Fl but you must plan way ahead.Their rates are very reasonable.Ft Lauderdale is crowded and expensive IMO,but look around,its a big state.