Traveling with a dog

My wife and I are looking into getting our first motorhome and we have a dog that we would love to take her with us on vacation. I would be interested in hearing from other people who have done this. We are worried about leaving her alone in the RV for several hours if we want to do stuff, especially if it is very warm outside.

Traveling with a dog

We took our 100 + pound, 8 year old dalmation with us on our coast to coast odyssey last summer in our 34' SeaView motorhome. No problems whatsoever! He generally let us know it was time to stop by the degree and frequency of his flacturating (gas passing, darn if I can find the correct spelling). We left him in the MH every now and then, usually not more than an hour. When we were "dry camping", usually at WalMart, we left the generator and the front ac on. I Remember we were camped at Cumberland state park in Tennesse (very, very beautiful, the state operates a buffet style cafertia, outstanding food, unbelieveable view, and the waitress wouldn't take a tip! (state employee)). But I disgress! As it was a warm night I tied Domino up outside for the night, around two or three in the morning he woke us up and probably half the campground. I forgot about the racoons Tennesse is famous for. When they came a calling Domino did what dogs do; barked like hell. I think that was the first and last time I put him out for the night! About the only non standard equipment we got for him was a non spillable water dish from Campers World, (7, 8 bucks).

Since then we sold the MH and bought a pickup/5th wheel. Domino will be us in that too! Good luck.


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Traveling with a dog

We took our 80# mostly golden and our 10# cat with us this winter to Florida to a perm site in a MH. The cat (Rascal) hated the trip down and back but once we were there she loved it and kind of ran the place. The dog (Brandy) loves to go in vehicles (except when we rock some while hitting bumps (she got sick once, ugh) but while we were in Florida for the winter, she stayed several times in MH for several hours with no real major problem. Of course, we left the A/C on during the day and opened up the windows at night. The only problem we had we she got mad for us leaving her and she completely tore up one of the matching bedspreads.....boy did we get mad but we also understand why.....she loves us so much. Ha Ha
All in all, we would not think of leaving either pet back home when we go on the road. They are part of the family, as I am sure many will tell you.
Traveling with a dog


We had a little different story. Everything worked out great though. Our dog is afraid of her own shadow. Scared to death of anything different. I started takeing her on rides about 6 months before our trip to Florida. She was a bit better but shook like crazy all the time. I finally got to the point where I went to the Vet. He told me to give her dramime. I got up to three with little results. Went to Benedryl. Took two and she was pretty good. Did that for two days on the road. She was fine. Then stopped givein it to her. She was now used to it and was great. In fact now I can't open the door of the car or truck without her jumpin in. Oh we also took the cat. No problem there he just found a place between the seat and the door and went to sleep. By the way we had myself, my wife, the dog and the cat in the cab of a standard pu truck for two weeks. It was a great trip and we are lookin forward to it again.

Make sure the places you want to camp allow animals. In Florida you need papers to insure they are up on their shots.
Traveling with a dog

This is a given but will mention it anyway. Make sure you pick up the "landmines" every dog deposits, even when your pretty sure no one is looking. We laid in a supply of office waste can liners, the plastic carry out bags from WalMart and grocery stores work, in a pinch. I found some of those bags have holes in the corners, so I'm a little leary of using those! :(
Traveling with a dog

I heard that about the landmines. WalMart also has a great pooper scooper thing for about 10 bucks. Works like a clam shell shovel. It's spring loaded and works great. I keep it bungied in the bed of the truck.
Traveling with a dog

I camp with my 16 month 100 lbd rottie/shepherd mix and my 10 month 85 lbs wieneramer and have a great time with them. My advice when you venture out without your dogs is to leave the AC on, crate train them so they can be crated and leave one of those chew toys to keep them occupied. One trick I use is; take a good size kong and fill it with their dry food and peanut butter then freeze it. That keeps them licking at it for hours.

Check the campgrounds policy for leaving the pet behind too. Some of the places I have been get real nasty about that and others don't mind as long as they behave.

Good luck and happy camping :)