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Any info on the Roads out west would be greatly appreciated. We are leaving
from Memhis Tn heading west using rt 40. We plan on driving through OK,Arkanas,Texas,Arizona,New Mexico,Nevada to Ca. Then up the coast line into Canada then on To Alaska. We are driving a 38ft diesel pusher towing a Volkswagon beetle.If you can suggest any interesting sites along the way please let me know. We are leaving next May and hope to be back on the east coast by the end Of Sept.
Thanks, Kathy :)
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Definately plan to stop in Amarillo RV Park, get the BIG steak just down the street, and visit Palo Duro Canyon. There's another RV park in Amarillo that is more fun for kids, but I can't remember the name right now. Both parks are exceptable.


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Yes, Palo Duro Canyon is great, and you can even drive down into it (in the car at least, weather permitting).

The road from Tennesse to Dallas through Arkansas is a bit rough in Arkansas, but I've been over it a few times with my trailer and it should do. I35 N to OK city is good. I40 from OK City West is fairly rough in OK, but great otherwise. Going the other way, watch out for I44 from OK City to the corner of Missouri; it is a toll road. Not bad at all in my 2 axel motorhome, but the last time I went through there with my trailer it cost a bunch (based on number of axels).

It is a long grade from Amarillo to Albuquerque; the gas engine in my truck struggled, but got us there. With a diesel, should not be a problem. There is a nice little RV park in Tijeras NM, just east of Albuquerque. They belong to Passport America.

In Arizona, the big crater park is interesting, and by all means see the Grand Canyon. A good tour is put on by Marvelous Marv, and he is affiliated with a decent RV park (called Grand Canyon Gateway or something like that). It is just off I40 about 20 or 30 miles past Flagstaff (Williamsport maybe?). The park is with Passport America, and if they make your reservations with Marv, there is a substantual discount. And Marv will pick you up there. He knows how to avoid the crowds, and the best places to see the canyon from, and is a fount of information.

I've heard Red Rocks/Sedona is worth seeing (south of Flagstaff), but not trailer friendly, so I passed it by.

Haven't been any further west, so can't help there. Las Vegas can be fun, if you like what they've got, and have iron control over your gambling. Laughlin may be an acceptable alternative if Las Vegas is not on your path.

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Sedona, AZi s not trailer freindly, but the RV Parks just off I-17 at Camp Verde , AZ (South of Flagstaff, 50 miles or so) are ok and Sedona is really worth while to see and while you are at it, a trip up the mountain to Jerome, AZ is well worth while. It is an old mining town perched on the side of the mountain. About 40 miles from Sedona, AZ. Do not take your RV to Jerome. Steep twisty, sharp turns, scary road. While in Oklahoma if you have time, a trip North of Tulsa to Bartlesville, OK is enjoyable. The Frank Phillips (Phillips Petroleum) Ranch, Woloroc is worth the $4 entry fee to see. The ranch has widlife imported at the turn of the century and has a Museum that is one of the largest, best early western museums I've ever seen. A gift shop and restaurant are also on site.
If you have a diesel RV (steep grades down) , camping in Palo Duro Canyon near Amarillo, TX is a must. Have fun. :cool:


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Ditto on Palo Duro Canyon, and if you enjoy hiking, Caprock Canyon is close to Palo Duro. The 50amp sites are wooded and spread out a little more than at Palo Duro, and they have a spring fed lake that will really refresh you on hot Texas day.
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Once you hit the west coast and start north you may want to take the 101 from Cresent City up the Oregon coast. Cape Blanco State Park is the farthest point west in the contenintal US. Tillimook Oregan has the blimp museum and the cheese factory as well as Kens custom meats (best beef jerky west of the Mississippi). He has renamed his company but someone in town can tell you the name, I forgot. On into Washington, there are several places to go. Of course you have to go to Seattle and see the space needle. But our natural stuff is the best. You would need a month here just see the good stuff. Mount St. Hellens of course is a must, Deception Pass (north Whidby Is.) is another good one. Your coming too late to see the Tulips of Skagit Valley(pronounced skajjit). On the other side of the mountains(east) we have petrified forests, Grand Coulee Dam, a mini Stonehenge dedicated to WWI or II KIA's. I could go on and on. But we also have some of the highest gasoline prices in the US. So park the MH and drive the Beetle :laugh:
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Right after you cross the bridge on I40 over the Colorado River from AZ into CA is Park Moabi county park. It's a great place to stay, with RV sites with hookups (50 amp ok) right on the river. It's hot in the summer but late May-early June isn't too bad. Lake Havasu, Laughlin, and Oatman are all nearby.
Going north through CA, avoid I5 and US99, unless you just want to cover miles quickly. Take CA1 or US101 if you want to see anything besides orchards and tractor dealerships. Use your Trailer Life Directory and call ahead for reservations - there are lots of great places to camp in California and everyone in the state has an RV and knows all the best spots!
Oregon state parks are as nice as any anywhere, if not nicer.