Trouble dealing with manufacturer and Dealer

Anyone have this problem?
We bought a brand new R-vision Travel lite trailer in June 2004. We took delivery of it beginning of July since we didn't have a vehicle yet to tow it the Dealer delivered it to us (at a cost). We had a friend with a similar trailer trail it for us and we took it out August 2004 to a provincial park where we had no full hook-up so we didn't get to try all the goodies it came with.
We used it that weekend as one would use a tent only we had water via the storage tank. On the saturday night I washed my sons feet with the shower before bed (he was 3 at the time). When finished I noticed a puddle in the hall way in front of the kitchen sink which is across from the bathroom. Not thinking too much of it I wiped it up thinking my daughter may have spilled some water. The rest of the weekend went without incident. In the fall we winterized it as instructed. This spring we washed down our RV and got a used van to tow our trailer. After spending nearly $4000.00 to fix this Van and add the best towing package we could find we were really excited to take it out on our own. June 25th, 2005 (18 days after our warranty expired) we took our trailer out to a park with full hook up. When we hooked it up to Water, electricity and sewage we were stunned at the events that took place. The water heater had cracked like a walnut I've never seen such a big gash, we had a leak under the bathroom sink by the auxillary shower and the A/C didn't work. We were mortified to find our brand new RV was a lemon. We phoned the dealer who said to us the Vehicle is out of Warranty sorry. We were angry and felt like we had been robbed out of our rv experience. After stewing about what had happened we decided to stay the weekend anyway, bypass the waterheater by shutting off the valves and use the water cold. Later that night I gave my son a washing down, I left the bathroom to get a towel and when I walked out in the hallway a small river was flowing out under the wall that seperates the bathroom into the hall infront of the kitchen sink. I was horrified. Quickly I rushed to get my son out of the tub and get more towels to wipe up the mess. After returning home on sunday we had had enough. We called up the dealer, again he said sorry but we will be happy to fix it for you at cost. A friend suggested to call R-Vision and talk to them. I did just that. They informed me that the A/C has a two year manufacturer warranty which I relayed to the Dealer. In the end they said that the motor was ceased and they had fixed the problem no charge. We agreed to pay for the fix of the waterheater and Auxillary shower which holds a $500+ charge. Which leaves us with the tub which the dealer said had a pin size hole in it which unless you really look you can't see. The dealer says again sorry it's out of warranty. I called R-vision has passed me up the chain of command and I am presently waiting to hear from their Warranty Supervisor to call me back. I am at the end of my rope. This RV has caused more arguments than I care to mention. And I am not sure where to go from here. I was advised to post my story onto this forum and see if anyone else has had similar experiences and advice. No one wants to take responsibility for this product not the dealer and not the manufacturer. We feel like we've been had. Even a car with everyday wear and tear has a 3year bumper to bumper warranty why not an RV with it's seasonal use. I would advise anyone thinking of buying and RV to check out the dealer and manufacturers policies first and take a buyer beware attitude. We are disapointed to say the least and no longer happy campers :angry:

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Trouble dealing with manufacturer and Dealer

Sorry to hear of your problems E.A.. NEVER, NEVER wait until the warrenty is out to hook up all water, electricity and ck appliances. Doubt that you will get anything at this point :disapprove: . Sounds as though you have some freeze problems that may have occured on the dealer lot but, no way at this point to prove. Did you drain the hot water heater when winterizing and how much antifreeze did you use? Tie a knot in the end of that rope and hang on. Things will get better


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Trouble dealing with manufacturer and Dealer

Did you winterize the trailer before you let it sit for the winter? Also, you should have contacted the dealer back in August when you first found the leak. He would have helped you then. I would suspect that your plumbing froze last winter and that is what happened to the water heater and probably to the rest of the plumbing. You might be able to get some help with the tub leak, as it did seem to be there when you first used it, but frozen & split plumbing is not covered by warranty from any manufacturer. Also, realize that the dealer and the manufacturere can not afford to just wait until the owners say that they have used things to end the warranty. Even if you don't take it out, a new RV should be connected to water and power as soon as you get it to check out all parts of it. You must understand that the dealer has no way to know for sure that you have not been using everything constantly since you purchased it. And if the plumbing was not winterized last fall, they would not cover it even if the warranty was still in effect.
Trouble dealing with manufacturer and Dealer

In the US, each state has an attorney general. The attorney general has a consumer complaint division. If you have a similar agency you might consider contacting them. Perhaps to the letter of the law R-vision may have you because you didn't discover your problems in a timely manner but if they are responsible business people I would think they would do what they can to make it right. Good luck, Krazee


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Trouble dealing with manufacturer and Dealer

If the unit was not winterized it may have caused the majority of the problems that I see. :blackeye: :dead:
Trouble dealing with manufacturer and Dealer

The Good Sam Club has a magazine (Highways) that has a wonderful section called: ACTION LINE. You write to them and they check into the situation for you and a lot of the time can get results where you may not. They help with disputes between you and a business. If you're a Good Sam member you get this magazine monthly. However, if you are not, here is the address:

Action Line
Box 8545
Ventura, CA 93002

or email them at:

Good Luck!
Trouble dealing with manufacturer and Dealer

Thanks to all for your response. We have spoken with R-vision who told me outright that they have extended the warranty in some cases but didn't think that, the pin hole in the tub that couldn't be spotted by an untrained eye, was one of those situations. In other words, too bad. The leaks we took full resposibility for since they had gone a winter. We never even asked them to fix that part of it nor the water heater, being new time owners we obviously made a mistake on that. The A/C has been fixed under manufacturers warranty and we were told that the motor had ceased on that.
On the brighter side the dealer has said that they could try to patch it by doing a plastic weld. How good that will turn out, well only time will tell. At this time we have decided that perhaps selling the unit is in our best interest. Save our monthly payment and hotel it. It's a shame since we have dreamed of owning an RV and travelling with our children but as things turn out we've lost our enthusiasm for RVing. Thanks Again.
Trouble dealing with manufacturer and Dealer

You can contact the Attorney General in the state the trailer was made. Send him a list of problems as you did here in your post. I tried to do a search on the internet to find out where the factory is, but the site is not working the same as your trailer. If you tell me where the factory is, I will look up info for the Attorney General in that state. At this point it can't hurt to try. But, I must say that if you did not winterize your trailer, you are really out of luck. Toni
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