Trouble with Atwood Oven


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Need some help with an Atwood Oven. Model Wedgewood 1732, the oven pilot will light easily but when turning oven on, the pilot gets about 3" tall and the oven will not light. We have let the pilot run for 30 minutes to heat the sensor but still no oven operation. Anyone have any ideas or suggestions? Thanks.

John Harrelson

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Trouble with Atwood Oven

Assuming that you know what a thermocouple is and how it works....

#1. With the pilot light burning, take a good look at the placement of the thermocouple "bulb"... is it directly over/within the pilot flame ? The thermo-bulb must be directly in the pilot flame to work correctly.

#2. If the thermo-bulb is located in the flame correctly.. the next step is to replace the thermocouple.

It is actually easy to do yourself.. The new thermocouple only cost about $3/$4 at places like Wal-Mart.. Slightly higher at places like Lowe's or Home Depot...and very expensive at the average RV dealer..

Normally the only tools needed to replace a thermocouple is a small crescent wrench and maybe a pair of pliers.

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