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We are geting close to retirement age and plan on buying a travel trailer and do some traveling. Does any one know what size trailer I can safely pull with my truck. I have a Ford Ranger 4x4 with a 4.0 liter V6 engine. Will this truck be big enough to pull maybe a 20 or 24 ft. trailer? I hope I don't have to buy a bigger truck but I want to be safe. I'm just not sure how much a truck this size can pull. Maybe someone has some info on this. Any info will be appreciated. Thanks, Lou :question:
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We have several customers towing with a truck like yours. They have our 21' Amerilite that weighs about 3,300lb.

I would not recommend anything much bigger. It is not just towing, it is stopping also.
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simple formula take GCVWR subtract GVWR subtract weight of cargo and passengers final number is what you can pull. second test is hook it all up and go weigh it if you exceed GCVWR you are too heavy. Make sure you get a quality weight distrubution hitch and a good BRAKE controller spend the extra and get a better quality unit you and your families life could depend on it. I would tend to agree with the previous post and stick with a 21 - 27ft ultra lite trailer and try not to take too much stuff with you it is a big box you really don't need to fill it just take what you will use and need. Too many campers out there overloaded with stuff they don't even need.
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Another simple thing to do is read your owners manual. There is a page in there where you match your engine, transmission and rear end ratio. It will tell you what Ford recommends. I had a 2001 - 1/2 ton Ford in the store today that had a 4.6 V-8 engine, automatic with a 3.08 rear end. It is rated for 2,000lb. I never hear of such a thing. Ford even bolted a hitch on it at the factory. Change the rear end to 3.55 and the same truck will tow over 5,000lb.
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I was towing a pop-up camper with a Lincoln Navigator for years. I know it seems odd, but it worked and it was about the kids then. Towing a 1500 lb camper with a 300 hp Nav was okay, although I was always amazed at how hard it worked going up hills--I guess it was loaded pretty heavy. We have since moved up to an F-350 and a 5th wheel. It tows that much better than the Nav did the camper. I can't imagine towing a trailer with a Ford Ranger compared to the Nav. IMO it simply cannot perform as needed on the road.