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I have a 1976 wenni 20' Class C built on a M300 dodge truck chassis.
The engine is a 360-3 (HD), 2 barrels carb., big oil pan and headers. (I think it's all original).

I want to tune the ignition with a timing-light cause I'm going on a 700 miles trip end of July 2003.

I have no idea about the advance@RPM this engine likes.
If you know, please tell me.

Extra infos:
727 auto, 10,500Lbs, VIN: M30CK6 J003667

Sonny Harrisson

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tune up

I found that on most of those engines I could advance the timing to 8 degree and sometimes 10 without any valve ping. I think Will is correct with the manfacture setting of 6 degree. Start there and play with it to find where it performs best.